Skybridge LED Lighting

Skybridge Renewables LED lighting retrofits are saving millions of dollars for cities, schools, counties, healthcare facilities, industrial complexes, commercial office buildings, and other private organizations around the world.

At Skybridge Renewables, we analyze each customer's energy consumption and spending to provide the highest quality solution that optimizes savings. A typical Skybridge LED retrofit saves over 50% of your kWh usage and energy cost.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Improved energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and less frequent bulb replacements resulting in:
  • Reduced operating cost and improve on energy savings
  • Reduced heat output, which decreases air conditioning loads
  • Improved color rendition, creating a natural lighting affect

What We Do
  • Provide a comprehensive on-site energy audit
  • Generate an energy savings analysis report
  • Procure and create a detailed LED lighting product replacement schedule
  • Install all new LED lighting bulbs and fixtures
  • Apply for incentives and rebates, if available

Let us know how Skybridge Renewables can help your organization save on your energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the adverse effects of climate change.

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